Our LED light cubes are designed to meet the needs of event organizers and decorators. This striking product provides impact and attracts the attention of attendees, in addition, it gives visibility and color to your brand.

The light cubes guarantee maximum brightness without worrying about anything else. At the same time, they transmit the desired message thanks to the customization and flexibility to which they can be subjected. In addition, they are a very versatile decorative element since they are easy to transport, install and, above all, use.

1. Are they available in different sizes?

Yes, the standard sizes are 1×1, 1.5 x 1.5, 2 x 2 and 1×1.50 meters. Although we can manufacture any size you need, ideally you should contact our offices to see if we can make the size you have in mind.

2. Can they be integrated and/or combined with other accessories?

Of course, our product is versatile and fits with any decorative element you can imagine. In addition, you can use it as main lighting, secondary lighting, as signage or simply as decoration on a stage thanks to the fact that we can customize it with the design you want.

3. Can they be used in connection with interactive technology?

Yes, RGB LED technology can be controlled from a lighting table and also from a tablet. With basic functions such as on/off, flashing, speed, intensity and different colors as well as effects. Furthermore, it goes without saying that you can program all the sequences you want, however you like.

4. How easy are they to install and use?

Super easy, even my grandmother could use it. Likewise, we take care of the pre-installation. Likewise, we can hang them from the ceiling without the need to run cables since they run on batteries, with autonomy of up to 10 hours and are controlled by Wi-Fi.

5. What are the best applications for light cubes?

The applications are as many as you can imagine. They can be hung at different heights and can also be stacked. The product looks especially good when it works as a single light thanks to the effects and changes in colors and intensity, but it is just an example, your imagination is the limit. Contact our offices and depending on your event, we can give you some ideas and help you in any way possible.