At this point, it is nothing new to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has devastated the events sector throughout the country. The question is, is there full awareness of who makes up this “events sector”? The reality is that we are facing a social and organizational invisibility at all levels, which greatly hinders the ability to change things and ask for help to be able to reconcile Covid in events.

This invisibility occurs from the moment in which the incredible rise of corporate and cultural events in cities like Barcelona and Madrid in recent years causes thousands of freelancers from other sectors to specialize their work only towards this one, although statistically they continue to form part of their original guild. Carpenters, assembly technicians, designers, salespeople, security, transportation and a very long list of groups and sectors found their main source of income in an industry that is more alive than ever, which has suddenly been forced to stop dead.

This structural contradiction prevents us from accurately quantifying the real contribution of the whole to the country’s GDP, as well as the terminal impact that Covid has caused on events, disabling the possibility of holding in-person events in countless companies in the region.

This is why, apart from asking for help, our only option to overcome the Covid era in events is by projecting new solutions. Adapted, safe and viable solutions. Solutions that respond to the current needs of our industry;

Absolute ignorance of the crisis we are experiencing inevitably generates uncertainty and, above all, fear. This malaise turns into a complete inability to make long-term decisions, which in turn prevents determining when and how the sector can be revitalized.

We believe that the way out is not to get rid of fear without arguments or any mechanism, but to fight it with guarantees. We need a system of safe events, adaptable and validated by health authorities who are experts in the field, which endorses the execution of events as safe activities for citizens.


Another word we hear constantly is “adaptation.” “Adapt or die.” The problem appears when we consider the how of this adaptation. The first alternative in our world has been the virtual event, but is it really an effective and viable adaptation for all groups? How do “venues” adapt to events without an audience? Where are means of transportation relocated when there is no one to take, assembly technicians where there is nothing to assemble, or decorators where there is no space to dress?

The in-person event urges measures that provide real adaptability for all work groups.

For all this, at Saez Decom we present the strategic plan for safe events through antigen testing.

Find out in these sections;

  • Antigen test for events
  • How to avoid Covid at events