We want to announce that we have reached an agreement for the exclusive distribution of light boxes or framewalls in the northern area (Euskadi, Navarra, Cantabria, Asturias, Galicia and La Rioja) with the company Sirope.

Located in Bilbao, Sirope is a creative, modern and multidisciplinary agency whose flag is simplicity and well-executed work (like us!). The combination of design, marketing and technology allows this company to encompass outstanding projects in a world that is increasingly interconnected and dependent on digital media.

Sirope has extensive experience carrying out comprehensive branding, design and technological development projects for important companies in the food, tourism and industrial sectors, as well as providing creative and conceptual support for events and marketing actions.

At Saez Decom, we believe that an expansion of our product reach is the perfect way to reach as many events as possible. We are not willing to expand at any price or with anyone, progressive growth is one of our absolutes, for this reason, we have gone slowly and until we have found another company in line with our philosophy and passion for the sector, we have not given the step forward. But the time has come for more people to learn first-hand about our work and realize the love and care we put into all our products and services, specifically the light boxes, also known as Framewalls.

Framewalls or light boxes are a striking, colorful and versatile decorative element. This system works exclusively with low consumption LED technology, intense brightness and maximum durability, exceeding 10 years of life time, more light and less consumption = greater profitability. The greatest virtues of this product are its versatility and versatility, they are very easy to transport and assemble, you hardly need any personnel to assemble this product. Likewise, they are fully customizable, you can choose both the size and the design and they can be controlled wirelessly. Their use is very varied, depending on your needs you can give them one function or another, for example, a decorative element on a stage, to separate spaces in an original way, stage background, signage due to its customization, and much more.

Exploit all the creativity, light and color that light boxes can bring to your event. If you require more information about this unique product, you can contact us by calling our offices directly or by filling out the contact form at the end of this entry. We will be happy to assist you!