Room dividers for your event

At Saez Decom we have been decorating spaces for a long time using room dividers for your event. When our clients need; delimit spaces, cover horrible walls, create a cloakroom, screens, separate the catering with drafts for the waiters or simply hide the boxes generated by the technical teams of your event.

We always recommend, depending on the budget, practical solutions that are quick to assemble and attractive so that your clients or guests are surprised. Room dividers are the first thing they will notice when they arrive at the room. At Saez Decom we want to help you make your event a success. Below, we propose various solutions to separate environments:

A classic among classics, Pipe and Drape: Saez Decom was the first company in the Spanish state to introduce and distribute this renowned American product. Quick and easy to assemble, it consists of telescopic masts that can reach up to 5 meters in height. You don’t need a structure on the ceiling or ladders to hang anything. Special curtains are easily hung on the crossbars and up! We can place the curtains either smooth or gathered and depending on the atmosphere you want to give, we can place them in black or white. The black color will give you a sober and elegant atmosphere. You can illuminate the white color with RGB lighting by changing the color of the room’s atmosphere. Imagine it at a product presentation, a dinner, a wedding or at a bar mitzvah, as an example of application.

A novelty, 4To8: An exclusive creation by Saez Decom that can give an exclusive touch to your event, combining the different designs that we put at your disposal. Apart from creating room dividers, you can combine it with pipe and drape or give a different atmosphere to your event with internally illuminated columns. It is a modular and lightweight system made of white plastic with the connecting pieces in transparent methacrylate.

Our favorite, Light Boxes or FrameWalls: As in the case of the 4To8, it is an exclusive product that you will only find at Saez Decom. This system is built in modular aluminum, you can order it with tensioned black fabric to make walls up to 2.5m high on 4 sides. You can also order it in white, in this case we can customize the sides you want with large format prints. Illuminate from within with RGB light and create spectacular light boxes. Separate the environments of your event with our standardized modules of 1 or 2 meters wide and 2.5 meters high. With this same system you can apply signage for your corporate event, you will have a more personalized image, your event will be a success and above all, no one will get lost!

You dare? Which room divider best suits your event? Tell us about it in this post or contact us so we can set it up for you.