We recently had the pleasure of collaborating in the design, manufacturing and assembly of an event for the legendary Wisconsin brand, Harley Davidson. In addition, we were in charge of several key decorative elements for the event, where the spectacular American frames were displayed. Those attending the event were able to enjoy the mix of its different ranges; Sportster, Softail, Touring, Trikem, CVO, all wrapped under the elegant decoration, craftsmanship and style provided by Saez Decom.

We have been in charge of manufacturing the fantastic sign from the famous manufacturer, 4 meters long, made of methacrylate, with the side in black and the front in orange and black. Likewise, we have incorporated 24v LED lighting, F.A. and support to be able to hold this monstrosity. We have also supplied the packaging box for the gigantic sign, made of wood.

In turn, we have provided two more signs, 3 meters each, which have been manufactured in 10 mm printed forex.

As it could not be less, the story does not end here. In this event setup we have supplied a Prolyte structure and general lighting using 20 Elan RGBW LEDs. Construction of the warehouse measuring 3.60 x 3.82 m, 2.60 m high, made entirely of black viroc wood and 16mm DM, with support structure and access door. We have also been in charge of the 75-inch Samsung ED75D screen and the two Meyer Sound UPM speakers, all with installation and a technician as supervisor.

Further? Of course, closing supply for 2 columns made of upholstered frame with 4-sided printed fabric measuring 1 x 1 x 2.60 m high. Supply of a vinyl for the warehouse, measuring 3.82 m by 2.60 m, and finally, we have supplied seven fabrics printed on one-sided canvas fabric made with perimeter grommets.

We are delighted to have been able to work for Harley Davidson, a global giant in the motorcycle industry and market. We hope to repeat soon!