By the time guests enter the space decorated for an event, chances are the design team has tapped into their imagination to create that WOW moment we all aspire to. This will include the usual items such as fireproof curtains, event signage, custom furniture, light boxes, etc. It’s all part of the overall look. These touches and details especially customized for you come together to create a space that combines your unique aesthetic with the clients’ vision.

It is only natural that when launching this vision, design teams focus on the details that will draw the main attention, that is, from the top down: beautiful chandeliers, walls that cover the ceiling, interactive installations, screens, AV, etc. While these elements are important and are sure to provide impact, when was the last time your design proposal included an option to draw attention to the floor? We refer to occupying an intended place; a dedicated opportunity to represent a statement carpet or a custom event carpet to finish off the room.

Our event floors are a simple, economical and ingenious way to create a visual impact at corporate and/or private events: specific colors, carpet or linoleum prints with your company logos or simply contour cuts can make that the perfect element converges on a floor or a platform.

Many companies consider that investing in event flooring is an additional and sometimes unnecessary cost for the event budget; But a thick rug creates a cozy, warm and comfortable feeling, like you’re at home, that many event attendees are looking for. Feeling comfortable in the space is like relaxing on the couch at home and having a pleasant, relaxed conversation with your friends and family. Comfort is found in the feeling of warmth, inclusion and having a place to be and belong.

With a small investment in your event, you can easily provide comfort, which could start constructive conversations between those attending the event and, of course, your brand gains much more presence and remains in the memory of your attendees, since they will host forever in their mind the image and memory of your event.

If you want information about all our floors for events, you can call us or fill out the contact form and we will help you customize the floor for your event with our carpets for events, linoleums, platforms and much more.