Don’t know how to choose a stage background design? We offer you a small sample with some possibilities.

Large companies that cater to events usually handle large budgets for the design and creation of stage backgrounds. They are fantastic creations, with which we are all fascinated, but we cannot afford them.

In most projects that require creativity and ingenuity, not having a large budget is not an impediment to meeting our objectives and obtaining a great result.

It’s just a matter of using our ingenuity, being creative, working with the right materials and letting yourself be advised by good professionals in the sector. Saez Decom has more than 30 years of experience in the design, manufacture and assembly of stage backdrops, so we are more than willing to share as much advice as you need.

One of the most economical and profitable ways to achieve a simple, elegant and sober stage background is to use our Pipe and drape system, you can use a wide variety of fireproof fabrics, with Pipe and drape you can expand or reduce the stage background as you want and whenever you want. It is a very versatile system, easy to transport, assemble and disassemble.

Projection screens are a very important element in stages or stage backgrounds, the quality of the fabric must be adequate for an epic reproduction. It is a simple, easy to assemble and economical way, and you can also represent your audiovisual pieces.

We also recommend the use of our frame walls to create varied, stylish, versatile stage backgrounds that are easy to transport and assemble. We have a wide variety of shapes that you can combine to obtain unique creations, all this together with good lighting can work miracles when creating stage backgrounds.

Whatstrong,  is your perfect stage background? How would you build it? Tell us!