The current Covid-19 pandemic has had a radical effect on the events sector industry across Europe. Depending on local health guidelines in each country, conditions change almost weekly and it is very difficult for our industry to reach a consensus on how to move forward with large-format in-person events. Currently we have the opportunity to demonstrate that we can produce safe presentations; small-format meetings and hybrid events offer us this alternative.

Reduce attendee capacity based on current conditions, for those who can attend in person and supplement with a virtual experience for others. In this way we can start again with events that meet the objectives of our clients. At Saez DeCom we would like to share our experience and advice so that hybrid meetings or events maintain the spirit of traditional events, with maximum safety for attendees and speakers.

When designing hybrid events, we must take into account that we work with two types of audiences: in-person and virtual. Decoration elements, lighting and even audio can affect the experience of virtual assistants. Depending on the option when furnishing settings, such as, for example, with wide, individual or bench-type armchairs, we can bring both audiences closer by seeking close environments, always maintaining safe distances. Virtual assistants must have remote tools such as mobile phones and tablets to interact with in-person attendees.

We will design the stage like a television set, instead of other classic formats. With simple elements such as vegetation, space dividers and curtains, creating cozy atmospheres, even if attendees are separated. We will eliminate common lecterns and microphones for safety and during each break we will clean the common contact areas between speakers.

For our attendees we propose large spaces with clearly visible screens, limiting crowds entering and exiting the room. Integrate chat functions through the live broadcast and then distribute the broadcast or facilitate access to it to promote interaction between both types of attendees. During coffee breaks we must provide large rooms, with many tables and each of them with reminders of security measures. In these hybrid events we will expand the collection points for coffee or drinks and we will distribute properly marked hydroalcoholic gel dispensers throughout the room. We can always leverage these data points to introduce customer messages.

We want to be by your side, to restart events safely, the health of attendees and our staff must always be our priority.