Because of the immense growth of online sales, retail spaces have been forced to completely reinvent themselves to offer unique shopping experiences that cannot be replaced by digital means. In this context, the decoration of stores and premises is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in achieving this type of differentiating experience.

In Saez Decom we have a long history in decorations for all kinds of events or spaces, being experts in decorative and functional constructions to give a new life to your store or local.

On our website you can find information about a wide variety of products that we have for the decoration of stores and premises, as well as the custom design of any element that you need to incorporate or give it a creative twist. You can find inspiration in the following sections: custom-made furniture, commercial islands, POP displays, linoleum flooring, 4to8, dividing panels, corpóreos, etc.

What will the process of decorating stores and premises be like?

Tell us your idea

At Saez Decom we invite you to share your ideas and aspirations with us. Your vision is the starting point for creating a design that perfectly matches your goals and values.

Our team of experts will listen carefully to your ideas, requirements and any inspiration you have in mind.

Every detail you share will be fundamental to understand your needs and desires, allowing us to create a customized concept that speaks about your brand.

Design and development

This is where we take your ideas and transform them into a concrete design. We are designers and builders and we use our creativity and experience to turn your concepts into a visually impactful project.

Through advanced design tools and innovative techniques, we will develop a plan that optimizes the space, flow and functionality of your store. We will present you with proposals that highlight your brand’s personality and align with your business objectives.


Once the design is defined, we will dive into the exciting decoration process. Every detail counts to create a unique and attractive atmosphere in your store or store.

We will carefully select colors, materials, furniture and accessories that reflect the essence of your brand and the experience you want to provide to your customers. Each choice will be based on aesthetic consistency and the ability to generate an emotional connection with your audience.

With professionals with more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we take into account several factors when making any decoration for stores and premises: cost, feasibility, effectiveness, differentiation, innovation, sustainability, ethics.

Installation and assembly

With the design and décor in place, it’s time to turn the concept into reality. Our highly trained team will handle the installation and assembly with precision and professionalism.

Each piece of furniture, decoration and structural element shall be placed in accordance with the approved design. During this stage, we ensure that every detail is perfectly fine-tuned to create a cohesive and functional environment that reflects your vision.