In offices where because of space issues, social distancing cannot be adequately fulfilled, office separating panels can be more than useful. These panels can be placed in a different way to meet the needs of each space, in this way, the office staff is more protected from possible contagions.

What is Saez Ofcom’s proposal for office separators?


From Saez Decom we always propose intelligent, economical and sustainable solutions. We are specialists in ephemeral constructions. We also design and manufacture everything “in house,” so you can expect, as always, quality elements and finishes.

All our solutions are “made in Saez Decom,” that is, effective protection elements, functional and with a decorative purpose.

How can you place them?

We can install the separation panels in two different ways:

  • Suspended in the air by wires attached to the ceiling.
  • Rested, with bases that support it on the counter.
Construction materials.

PETG: Highly transparent non-porous polymeric material.

Double layer cardboard: Low environmental impact and cost. We can print it in color or black.

  • Economic
  • Ecological
  • Quick to Install
  • Customizable to your liking