The Pipe and Drape system is a versatile, fast and modular option to create stage backgrounds, separators or concealment walls among others.

Its versatility allows you to create any type of structure, as well as combine it with custom lighting or audiovisual design, totally to your liking. It is a lightweight, high quality and reusable element.

The Pipe and Drape system can be used as coating, creation of ephemeral changing rooms, product presentations, photography, stage backgrounds, separation of spaces or environments, to delimit areas or hide areas under construction, control guides and infinity of uses more.

These detachable dividing walls are perfect for fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other types of events. They are assembled and disassembled with great ease, since the use of tools is not necessary. In addition, the assembly is fast and simple, so it is shown as a very efficient option for events.

This dynamic system offers you many possibilities in all formats, it also allows you to combine several modules to obtain higher lengths.

What is Saez Decom’s proposal for Pipe and Drape?


At Saez Decom, we know that the creation of versatile and visually impactful spaces is essential to the success of your events. We are pleased to present our proposal to install the Pipe & Drape system, a modular and efficient solution that will transform your ideas into captivating realities.

The Pipe & Drape system is more than a simple structure. It is the key to building stage backgrounds, elegant separators, concealment walls and more, quickly and without complications. Its modular design allows each piece to be assembled effortlessly, offering the possibility to create from basic structures to elaborate and sophisticated compositions.

Installation System
  1. Assembly of Posts and Bases: Start by assembling the posts and bases. The posts are generally adjustable in height. Insert the posts into the bases and adjust them to the desired height. Make sure the poles are firm and upright.
  2. Placing the Fabrics: Hook the fabrics on the posts. Most Pipe & Drape systems have hooks or clips that are attached to the posts to hold the fabric. Slide the hooks along the fabric and secure them in place.
  3. Fabric Adjustment and Tension: Make sure the fabrics are stretched and wrinkle-free. Adjust the tension of the fabrics and secure with the clips or hooks. Make sure the fabrics are tight so they don’t fall off or slide.
  4. Add Additional Details: If you plan to add lighting, banners, or other decorative elements, this is the time to do so. Make sure these items are well-held and safe.
  5. Final Verification: Once everything is in place, take a step back and verify that the structures are leveled and the fabrics are stretched correctly. Make sure the installation is secure and stable.
  6. Disassembly: To disassemble, simply follow the steps in reverse order. Remove the hooks or clips from the fabrics, untie the fabrics from the posts, remove any additional decoration and remove the posts and bases.

Remember that installation may vary depending on the specific design and components of your Pipe & Drape system.

building material

The standard material of the curtains used in Pipe and Drape is molton fabric of 300 grams, although we have other materials for curtains such as velvet fabrics and trevira, made in our facilities. The fabrics with which we create our curtains are flame retardant of different kinds, discover more in our fire retardant section.

We have Pipe & Drape in black and white. The rings on the back of the curtains make the vertical supports not visible.

  • Versatility: The Pipe & Drape system is extremely versatile and adapts to a wide range of applications. It can be used to create stage backgrounds, space separators, exhibition areas, photo booths, temporary wardrobe areas and more.
  • Quick and Easy to Assemble: Pipe & Drape installation is quick and easy. No complicated tools or specialized skills are required. Components are assembled and dismantled efficiently, reducing the time needed to prepare and dismantle an event.
  • Creative Customization: The system allows for great customization in terms of design and appearance. You can choose different types of fabrics, colors and heights to create a unique environment that suits the theme of your event or the style of your business.
  • Lightweight and Portable Element: Pipe & Drape components are lightweight and portable, making it easy to transport and operate. This is especially useful in situations where quick configurations and dismantling are needed, such as in traveling fairs and exhibitions.
  • Eficiencia Espacial: El sistema ayuda a dividir y organizar el espacio de manera efectiva. You can create separate areas without the need to build permanent walls, which optimizes the use of available space.
  • Reusability: Pipe & Drape components are durable and reusable. They can be used in multiple events without losing their quality, making the initial investment even more valuable.
  • Aesthetic Enhancement: Pipe & Drape structures can improve the aesthetics of any space.. They can hide unwanted areas, mask unattractive walls or ceilings, and create attractive visual backgrounds for photos and presentations.
  • Add Lighting and Audio-Visual Elements: The system can integrate lighting and audio-visual elements, allowing to create stunning and personalized visual effects that enhance the experience of the attendees.
  • Economy: Compared to the construction of permanent walls or structures, Pipe & Drape is a more economical option. It offers a visually impressive solution at a lower cost.