In the shops our separation screen is a perfect solution as it is very light, economical and sustainable. It is also self-supporting, using folding cardboard supports that support the structure.

From Saez Ofcom, our goal is to help businesses implement the necessary measures to receive customers without risking the health of both customers and workers.

The solutions we propose are “made in Saez Decom“, that is, effective, functional and decorative protection elements. We specialize in ephemeral constructions, we design and manufacture all the elements ourselves, therefore, these have the guaranteed quality seal Saez Decom.

What is Saez Decom’s proposal for the Separation Mom?


Our proposal is to install separation screens in all shops and businesses to prevent mass contagions.

This system creates a protective barrier between customers or workers that provides security and peace of mind to your business.

How can you place it?

The installation is very easy, it is self-supporting, that is to say it is kept standing thanks to its base made with folding cardboard supports that support the entire structure.

building material

PETG: Highly transparent non-porous polymeric material.

Double-layer cardboard: this has a low environmental impact and cost. It can be printed in various ways, depending on your preferences, in color or in black. In addition, we can customize it as you like.

  • Economic
  • Ecological
  • Quick to Install
  • Customizable printing