At Saez Decom we are very happy to announce the new arrival of the 4 meter Molton fire retardant fabric.

We have been offering the best quality of fireproof fabrics to our customers for more than 30 years, and we intend to continue doing so, always in parallel with innovation and new trends in the sector.

This new model allows a great improvement in the optimization of material and construction time of backdrops, dividers, sets

Furthermore, another advantage of the 4 meter Molton fire retardant fabric is its percentage of recycled cotton, which this year has gone from 71% to 74% of the total composition, with the remaining 26% being viscose, a natural material that is obtained from cellulose (from the wood fibers of trees).

With a weight of 320 g/m2, its feel and finish are impeccable for any stage set, whether in-person or in digital format, such as on television sets. Its acoustic absorption characteristics and its ability to block light make it a reference material in the sector, since as in any other discipline, the raw material with which it is worked is the basis of the final result. Without good ingredients, the answer will never be ideal no matter how well designed it is, and that is why at Saez Decom we care about working with materials and tools that offer excellent finishes in all our creations.

For more information you can go to our online store of fireproof fabrics for events, where you will find all the technical specifications of each model and its incredible advantages, as well as real examples of installation in different types.

At Saez Decom we design and build all types of sets, backdrops, stands and much more. If you want to introduce this fabric into your project and you are not sure how to approach it, contact us and we will advise you on all technical, logistical, aesthetic and functional aspects.


  • Pro Molton fire retardant fabric bundle 4 meters
  • Made with recycled cotton
  • Composition: 74% cotton and 26% viscose
  • Fire retardant property according to DIN 4102 B1 + M1 certificate
  • Quality: 320 g/m²
  • 60 meter bundle
  • Width 400cm
  • Available in: black
  • Made in Germany