Light Boxes

On the occasion of the TFWA gala in the city of Cannes, Saez Decom has traveled to the south of France to assemble several of our most versatile and colorful products; our light cubes in Cannes. The Gala was held at the Port Canto in Cannes, our part of the setup focused on interiors and we illuminated with taste and elegance, infusing a touch of color on the ceiling of a large room where various activities would be held, as well as the event dinner .


Commission: TFWA


February 3, 2022

Next we moved from Barcelona to the city of Cannes, where the event would be held. Our two technicians set up the light cubes in the room. 1 technician stayed to dismantle, collect and transport all the material back to Barcelona.

Of course, if you need it, as was the case in this event, at Saez Decom we send a team of experienced assembly technicians to transport, assemble and dismantle all our products in record time and without setbacks.

Our work began in the workshop with the manufacture of light cubes of different sizes. These are illuminated from the inside with LEDs of any color and can be controlled remotely. In addition, you can hang them from the ceiling as seen in the photographs, although you can also mount them in another way, for example, by stacking them and creating unique structures, with different shape and color.

If you need specific advice for your case, we help you decide the best way to place them, as well as the color of the light, printing options, combinations, etc.

Cubes of light and color at your event

Light cubes are a very versatile element, they are easy to transport, assemble and disassemble, it is done quickly with the right personnel.

As you can see in the photos, these light cubes in Cannes are a simple figure that with the right lighting and colors can be a consistent decorative element in many different settings. With a little imagination we can create figures, illuminate a ceiling, create a separating element, etc. Another common use is as a signage element, contributing at the same time to emphasizing the experience and beauty of the place.

The imagination is the limit!

If you want to know more about the possibilities of this unique product or want to ask us for a quote, you can contact us through the form or by calling our offices directly. We will be happy to assist you!


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