Projection screens

At the end of June, commissioned by our friends at Block AV, we built a set with 24-meter-long projection screens. It took place in the ball room of the Hilton Diagonal Hotel in Barcelona. The front projection screens were upholstered in two pieces of 16 and 8 meters at an angle.

Hilton Diagonal Hotel in Barcelona

Order: Block AV

Size: 24m

September 6, 2022

Built on a wooden frame, the total height of this spectacular set was 5.5 meters by 24 meters long. The screen was separated from the base by a painted wooden structure in the shape of a shelf, which housed an RGB LED strip of the same size in its lower part. This protected the screen from ground light and on the other hand illuminated the lower part of the projection screens. This was controlled by DMX drivers installed by our team.

Furthermore, on the right side of the projection there was a spectacular girder made of plywood and aluminum cores that framed the upper part of the projection screens, this flew 3 meters from the farthest part of the screen. It was held on one of the projection screens using a complex system of counterbalances designed by the Saez DeCom team.


Meters long


Carpet colors

At the foot of the set we installed a 20-meter platform in a triangular shape at different heights. It was made of wood with numerical control and covered with 2-color carpet. Decoraban la parte trasera un conjunto de listones pintados de 80×80 en blanco a diferentes alturas, dando una sensación de profundidad a la tarima.

At Saez DeCom we are specialists in the construction of projection screens and large-format sets, custom-made or designed by our design team.

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