Assembly of scenarios and Backdrops

After a few long months of pandemic we return with more stage backgrounds in Madrid. This time with the help of the production company Proyecto Kaplan, which has given us the opportunity to make one of the most spectacular stage backdrops of the year.

In various parts of the city we have made everything from stage backgrounds to photocalls. The central point of this event took place in the Sales Space, where we set up a museum space on the first floor and some corporeal stage backdrops with different volumes.

Kaplan Project

Commission: Kaplan Project

Stage: 1

MADRID (Sales Space), SPAIN
February 22, 2022

These stage backdrops have been made entirely in Madrid by our team of carpenters. The main structure consisted of a 9 x 6 meter platform with rigid skirts and fully carpeted. Just above the three stage backgrounds with curved edges and a volume of 6 x 4 meters, two sides, one with a door and the other in the shape of a window completed the set. Painted and vinyled in the same space, we installed black pipeanddrape shading system to darken the side walls.

The signage that accompanied this event consisted of 4 double-sided printed totems and a photocall at the entrance to the room. The counter was covered with different digital prints.

On the first floor we built and installed a large illuminated entrance hallway, upholstered with sublimated digital printing. The exhibition had different areas, among them a central totem made of wood and partially vinyl stood out. From it hung different painted birdhouses full of display elements.





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