Rental for events in Spain

At Saez Decom we have a varied catalog of rental products for events. More than 10 years ago we introduced the pipeanddrape system. Since then, we have expanded our rental catalog for events with exclusive products for congresses, events, stands, weddings. , etc… I would like to give you some small ideas to decorate your projects or make a simple backdrop, with simple, attractive systems that you can find on our website. Above all, we look for versatility.

With pipeanddrape you can make room dividers, delimit spaces, create a stage background or backdrop, even a simple control cover. An economical rental system for events that you can set up yourself.

With Framewalls, the system we also use as a light box, signage for events or even for stage backgrounds, photocalls and lamps for events.

Platforms for stages or stands for events are always necessary so that your audience can comfortably see what is happening at your event, from raising a car, even inside a swimming pool. Even a circular platform. Do you need a flamenco tablao? We incorporate special wood so you can do it. We have wooden stairs and ramps. The carpeting and skirting have top quality finishes, your event will always have the best finishes.

The 4To8 System is widely used in rental for events, we can make stage backgrounds or backdrops, screens, dividers for events, dividers for stands, etc. You can combine their designs and decorate your event or wedding giving it a different touch.

We know that finding everything you need to hold an event as complete as possible is very difficult, for this reason we put at your disposal all types of decorative elements, designed and manufactured exclusively in our workshop. If you are not sure how to decorate your project, we will be happy to answer all your questions and help you with everything you need.

Call us and find out what we can offer rentals for events. Do you dare to transform your event?