The design and production process of backdrops or stage backgrounds and sets is built from several factors that act as bases for the final solution. What is the concept or theme of my scenery? What message should I send to my audience? Where and when is it mounted? What price range are we in?

As experts in the design and conceptualization of ephemeral spaces, the creation of backdrops or sets represents the great final piece of our work in the configuration of the space, which is why we try to represent our values ​​and style in these.

In the following sections, you will learn more about the different design solutions that we propose for backdrops and scenographies, according to the guidelines and needs that the client exposes at the beginning.

Projection screens

A fantastic backdrop option is the installation of a large projection screen, where the same audiovisual content serves as scenery and dresses the stage with moving images.

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Stage design

The best way to shine at an event is through custom stage design. We work with different materials, lighting systems, finishes, geometries…

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Structures for events

For the construction of a complete scenography, it is crucial to take into account the need for event structures, such as ramps or bleachers. In Saez Decom we design spaces under the parameters of adaptability for people with reduced mobility.

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custom backdrops

The backdrops act as a backdrop for the event. Whatever its type, it must capture the attention of all attendees to generate a unique and memorable experience. We work in the constant innovation of customized backdrops to offer the best proposals.

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