If you want to organize an event and you need a stage that meets your requirements, Saez Decom offers a customized and personalized event stage design service.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of stages for any kind of event: congresses, fairs, product presentations, concerts, company meetings, etc. We have designed and built stages for any event imaginable. Each scenario tells a different story.

Event scenery design is the art of crafting visually captivating environments that align with the theme and purpose of an event. From grand stage setups to intricate décor elements, every detail is meticulously curated to evoke a specific atmosphere and enhance the overall experience for attendees. At Saez DeCom, we understand the significance of event scenery design in creating memorable moments and transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Remember, we manufacture in Barcelona and Madrid



How are our event Stage Designs?


We have special stages, catwalks, circular stages, custom-made stages, etc. We offer very careful 3D infographics in order to outline the aesthetic details of the scenario with the client before proceeding with the construction.

Once the design has been agreed upon, we move on to the manufacturing phase, which is carried out by our qualified personnel with extensive experience in this type of construction.


Once manufactured and finished, our assembly team, fulfilling all safety measures during the assembly and uninstallation process, will take care of the transport, assembly and disassembly of the stage.


Transform your stage into a mesmerizing spectacle with our expert scenery design. Elevate your event to new heights and leave your audience captivated. Let us bring your vision to life with creativity, precision, and unmatched craftsmanship. Get ready to make a lasting impression with our stage scenery design services

If you want to know more information about stage design for events, contact us and we will advise you on everything you need to turn your idea into a reality.