The design and assembly of stands is one of our pillars as a company specialized in the design of ephemeral constructions for events. A stand is a representation of the brand’s values, services and company philosophy in a delimited space. Therefore, its conceptualization and design must take into account all the details, from the distribution, the capacity of visual attraction from different angles, the different finishes, the integration of technology, etc.

We have a multidisciplinary team that works together to address all these issues and achieve the best possible result for our clients.



How is our Design and Assembly of Stands?

Materials and finishes

Our master carpenters work with the type of wood that best suits each component of the stand, according to parameters of strength, finish, size, function, etc.

However, although wood is our strong point, we also make designs with aluminum pieces, methacrylate, die-cut PVC, printed fabric and much more. We analyze and design each stand according to the needs of the project. Based on these, we propose the materials and shapes that are best suited.


Good booth design and set-up has the ability to have a huge impact on brand perception, sales and customer confidence, among others. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the design and assembly of stands as a medium/short term investment that will make us attract and retain a greater number of customers.


If you have a booth project in hand and want advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and assess which options are best suited to your needs. After the first phase of analysis and drafting of the project briefing, we will work together to design an exclusive, different and original stand that stands out from the rest and makes your company shine.