Our innovative 4to8 system allows you to transform and divide spaces in a different, simple and creative way. Its versatility generates infinite artistic solutions for performing scenery, backdrops, modular lamps etc., creating a unique and modern atmosphere in your custom event decoration.

The different 4to8 models are designed to fit into all kinds of events;
private parties, conventions, company fairs, shows… Whatever the concept, there is an ideal combination of parts for this.
Easy to illuminate both indoors and outdoors, the die-cut figures form reflections of light that bathe the space and generate a very special atmosphere.

Title role

  • PVC Material
  • Measurements per piece 48 cm x 48 cm
  • Maximum height 5 m
  • Weight/piece 480gr – 580gr
  • White Color




The Nature model, based on the growing trend of biophilic design, seeks to project
the harmony of nature in space with its organic forms and its play of reflections that mimic the curves of sunlight when it strikes the sea.


The Bits model, inspired by a technological and modern aesthetic, is presented as a very versatile option to adapt to any space and fill it with light and texture. Its “randomly” distributed holes fit whatever the position of the parts, speeding up the assembly process.


This design is configured to generate different compositions depending on the orientation of the pieces. Depending on the customer’s preference, the modules can be organized in the same direction or rotated 90º, obtaining different results with the same model.


Symmetrically perfect. This design provides elegance and professionalism to the spaces with a simple and effective speech. The light combinations with the modular Geometry system offer all kinds of atmospheres and sensory experiences whatever the purpose of the event.


Its curved shapes bring softness to the same as luxury in a space. Very combinable with the Barcelona model, the Maze model is another classic among the decoration of events in the sector of the company.


As an unequivocal symbol of Barcelona’s architecture, this classic Catalan tile drawing is kept in the 4to8 model range to cover any space. Highly requested for business events, it displays a wide range of functionality, from meeting space separator to decorative lamps or indicators.



The 4to8 system allows space to be transformed in different ways. Thanks to its easy deployment and the ability to reuse the same product a lot of times, its applications are as many as we can imagine. As it is a modular system, the size and position of the elements is easily modifiable, adopting different functions in each case.

Its lightness allows hanging structures, as well as high walls without reinforcements and with the possibility of relocating them with relative ease. All this avoids last-minute mounting problems, as on-site tweaks or adjustments are easy and quick to execute.


A versatile product to transform your events

With 4q8 you can transform and divide spaces in a very versatile way, perform scenery, backdrops, modular lamps and much more. It creates a unique and innovative environment in events of any kind.

With 4to8 the options are multiple. We perform custom event decoration in many ways thanks to the variety of models and designs available. We currently have 6 different designs, the most popular of which is the famous design of the Flower of Barcelona, by the architect Josep Puig i Cadafalch. These independent modules can be combined to generate varied and adaptable decorations to different situations and environments. Each piece measures 48 x 48 cm and can be combined.

From Saez Decom we take care of everything, from the initial design of the assembly formed by the different modular parts, to the transport, assembly and disassembly of them. You can leave the whole process in our hands.