It’s amazing how furniture can completely transform a space. In ephemeral constructions, as in the case of events, furniture and decoration elements take a great role in building a complete experience for users. At Saez Decom we offer all types of furniture rental for events with unique designs and solutions.

In the design and construction of events, all elements must be connected to each other through an aesthetic, communicative and functional line that gives meaning to the whole experience of the day. Within the whole set, the furniture for events is one of the most important groups for the course of the event, and a series of details must be taken into account when designing or renting them, such as the number of chairs or armchairs we will need, the size of the counters, if they should have storage or not, the position of the elements and if this has to change at some point, the finishes…

As specialists in the sector, we will accompany you in all the creative and technical steps to offer you the best option of furniture rental for events.


Lecterns are one of the distinctive stage furniture for corporate or cultural events. We offer rental or custom design solutions.

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Both in presentations and in commercial spaces, displays are those elements that give support and presence to the product. Therefore, it is important that they are designed taking into account all the details of the space and product.

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There are many ways to illuminate a space. In Saez Decom we design all kinds of creative lamps to create unique experiences and memories in your even They can be suspended, be part of a photocall, above the stage…

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The counters are a fundamental piece of the welcome of an event or space, which will define the first impression of the guests when they arrive. In this section we will tell you about the different types of counters we make.

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custom furniture

According to the concept of your event, we make custom furniture to suit every occasion. We design and build fun, creative ideas with the utmost attention to detail to ensure a perfect finish.

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