If your event needs to have several different spaces, our room separators are the perfect solution. These elements create the effect of a false wall, differentiating the spaces with style and creativity, giving meaning and continuity to the overall composition of the whole scene.

Our design team will create room dividers in line with the theme and concept of your event in order to match the composition of the scene.

We take care of everything: we transport the material to the desired location, we manufacture and design everything you need to separate your rooms with style, elegance and creativity, we assemble and dismantle. Separating and delimiting environments has never been so easy with our different systems.
If you have any questions about our room dividers, please contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Pipe & Drape

The Pipe & Drape system is a versatile, fast and modular option to create stage backdrops, dividers or concealment walls among others, and combine it with customised lighting design or audiovisuals.

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Room dividers

Partition screens are an excellent way of making the most of decorative elements and giving them practical functions. In this section we show you some creative examples to generate unique spaces.

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