Pipe & Drape

Pipe and Drape

The Pipe and Drape system is a versatile, fast and modular option to create stage backgrounds, separators or concealment walls among others.

Its versatility allows you to create any type of structure, as well as combine it with custom lighting or audiovisual design, totally to your liking. It is lightweight, high quality and reusable.

The Pipe & Drape system can be used as coating, creation of ephemeral changing rooms, product presentations, photography, stage backgrounds, separation of spaces or environments, to delimit areas or hide areas under construction, control guides and infinity of uses more.

These demountable partition walls are perfect for trade fairs, exhibitions, congresses and other types of events. They are very easy to assemble and dismantle, as no tools are required. In addition, the assembly is fast and simple, so it is shown as a very efficient option for events.



What do our Pipe & Drape look like?


This dynamic system offers you many possibilities in all formats, it also allows you to combine several modules to obtain higher lengths.


The standard material of the curtains used in Pipe and Drape is molton fabric of 300 grams, although we have other materials for curtains such as velvet fabrics and trevira, made in our facilities. The fabrics with which we create our curtains are flame retardant of different classes, find out more in our flame retardant section.

We have Pipe & Drape in black and white. The rings on the back of the curtains make the vertical supports not visible.


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