Stage designs combined with LED technology have revolutionized the way we experience live events and performances. With innovative lighting solutions and dynamic stage setups, LED technology offers endless possibilities for creating captivating visual experiences.

The world of scenography has taken a technological turn in every sense due to LED technology. Not only in state-of-the-art screens with the smallest pitch, higher resolution, etc. or in the introduction of new low-consumption and smaller light bulbs.

We are referring to the introduction of LED technology in wood or in the construction of decorative elements that encompass a set. What we would come to call TecnoDeco. The TecnoDeco concept, for us, is one that encompasses technology (LEDs, automation, control systems, etc.) and craftsmanship, to offer a unique and aesthetically striking result, which allows us to give life to a static element, such as a decoration. or scenery.

At Saez DeCom we investigate and offer our clients the possibility of integrating this technology into the scenography of their events. From products like the Stage Slim that gives aesthetic and convertible value to the platforms to interactive elements programmed in Arduino.
In this sense, we can offer scenic pieces built in numerical control and integrating LEDs of any type, as well as the control electronics in the same design.

The result is a new product customized for a new event. This type of technology for sets must be controlled and synchronized with other audiovisual elements such as screens or general lighting. For this we have compatible control systems or universal communication protocols such as DMX, RS-232, etc.

Elevate your event to the next level with our stunning stage designs powered by LED technology! Experience a revolution in live entertainment as vibrant lighting solutions and dynamic setups create unforgettable visual spectacles. Discover the limitless possibilities for captivating audiences and setting the stage for extraordinary experiences. Embrace innovation and creativity with our state-of-the-art LED-powered stage designs. Make your event shine like never before!

The SaezDeCom team is prepared for your new challenge, are you calling us?