In the production of an event or conference, the backdrop is the most important piece for our clients. At Saez Decom we are specialists in the design and construction of stage backdrops, backdrops and platforms for your events. In this entry We want to explain the different types of backdrops and how we can build them; upholstered with fireproof fabrics, with corporeal letters, with large format digital printing, etc. We will start with the simplest and most economical, combining it with different gadgets that Saez Decom has for event rental.

The Pipe and drape is a modular system based on telescopic aluminum tubes in which you can mount fireproof curtains of different colors. You can frame the screen and illuminate the curtains. From this base you can combine light boxes or corporeal ones like 4To8. Even above the stage you can put custom-made corporeal letters.

The wooden racks allow us to build backdrops of any size, you can send us your design or we can design it for you in our 3D graphics department. We upholster them with fireproof fabrics or with large format prints.  Carpentry in these cases allows us to create an infinite number of shapes, something that aluminum carpentry does not allow us. To give volume to the background of the stage, we can achieve this with physical letters, placing the racks at different heights or with elaborate lighting.

Saez Decom or FrameWalls light boxes allow us to provide volume and light. As such, personalize with large-format prints, illuminated from the inside. The combination of different sizes and colors will make your event colorful.

Within our event rental section, you can find an exclusive Saez Decom product designed for stage backdrops among other things, we are talking about 4To8. By combining their different designs and lighting, we achieve unique backdrops. You can hang them on trusses and give them depth by building columns with the same system.

Do you need help designing your stage background? Do not hesitate to call us!