Discover the latest news available at Saez Decom! We put at your disposal the new flame retardant fabric for high-performance protective suits. This fabric is intended for professionals such as:

  • Firefighters
  • Military
  • Police
  • Rescue service
  • Chemicals
  • Welders
  • Industrial workers

The protective properties of this type of fireproof fabric are perfect for the type of special workers who sometimes face difficult situations in which they need the greatest possible protection to be able to perform their role with guarantees of safety and efficiency.

  • Chemical protection
  • Protection against heat and flames
  • Anti-static
  • Abrasion resistant
  • They repel water and oil

All fabrics have their corresponding certifications:

  • Chemical Protection type 6 (DIN EN 13034:2009)
  • Protection against heat and flame (DIN EN ISO 11612:2015)
  • Electric arc class (DIN EN 61482-1-2:2015)
  • Protective clothing for firefighting (DIN EN 469:2007)
  • Antistatic (DIN EN 1149-5:2008)
  • Welders protection class 1 (DIN EN ISO 11611)

Fire retardant fabric for firefighters

The high quality of this fabric provides perfect protection for firefighters, it is also comfortable, something crucial for them to be able to carry out their work in the most efficient way possible.

Quality certificates:

  • Protective clothing for firefighters, assistance equipment, DIN EN 469.
  • Out/season clothing, HuPF.
  • Fire brigade, outdoor fire extinguishing, DIN EN 15614.

Protection against electric arc discharges

Perfect for avoiding potentially lethal risks such as electric arc discharges, which generate intense light and heat.

Quality certificates:

  • Protective clothing against electric arc thermal hazards (ATPV), DIN EN 61482-1-1
  • Protective clothing against thermal risks of electric arc (Box-Test), DIN EN 61482-1-2

Fabric for workers in industrial production

Due to the use of certain dangerous materials used in some sectors, it is advisable to use protection to ensure people’s health. This fabric is perfect and meets the needs of workers in the sector, combined perfectly with the comfort necessary to withstand the 8-hour day.

Quality certificates:

  • Protection against heat and flames, DIN EN ISO 11612.
  • Protection against liquid chemicals type 6, DIN EN 13034.
  • Welding protection, DIN EN ISO 11611.

Protection for Police and special forces

Police officers can face different dangerous situations every day, therefore they need a fabric with a high degree of functionality, multipurpose, comfortable and effective.

If you have any questions about the characteristics, prices and qualities of this type of fabric, do not hesitate to contact us using the form below or by calling our offices directly, we will be happy to assist you!