They are already here! Finally we have launched our own online store in which we sell Fireproof Fabrics and Curtains. September has arrived and with it the events sector is reactivated in the city where we operate, Barcelona. With the occasion of the new season we have decided to expand a little more and we have ventured into the sale and distribution of Fire Retardants mainly for events.

Our philosophy, as we have mentioned before, has been, is and will always be the same, to expand progressively and organically, as you can see in our store, at the moment, we have 10 products available for sale, among them you can find Acoustic Curtains, Molton of 320gr, Stagemolton of 300gr, Dekomolton of 160gr, all in various colors and in different formats such as Bales, Pallets and ready-made curtains.

If you enter our online store you will see that our products are made with the best raw materials and are perfectly designed to perfectly meet your demands and expectations. In addition, we have the most competitive prices on the market.

We know that our catalog is not the most extensive in terms of number, but we have the Fireproof Fabrics and Curtains that are most commonly used in our small world of events, both public and private. Our intention is to progressively expand our catalog in the not too distant future, as we mentioned above, as your needs as a customer grow.

If you have any questions about our new sales and distribution service for Fireproof Fabrics and Curtains, you can contact our offices, you can call us directly or fill out the contact form.