For more than 25 years of history, at Saez Decom we have debated a lot between the pros and cons of working with wood or aluminum in the manufacture of our backdrops or stage backgrounds. It is true that we use it in some finishes or to reinforce a structure that needs lightness, such as large format screens or large stages. But we have firmly opted for wood, basically for sustainability, ecology and for all the possibilities it offers us in our designs.

At Saez Decom we build our sets, stands and stage backgrounds with FSC certified wood, which is the acronym in English for the Forest Stewardship Council. This organization promotes and certifies good human and ecological practices, ensuring the survival of forests. By using sustainable wood in our backdrops we have the peace of mind that our wood comes from a well-managed forest that also improves the social conditions of forestry workers. At Saez Decom we work in our structures with Flanders pine, certified from Sweden and Finland, where they are planted for subsequent exploitation, always sustainable. We must remember that during the manufacture of wood (growth) the tree does not pollute, on the contrary, it absorbs carbon when carrying out photosynthesis. We want to emphasize that the wood used in our backdrops comes from trees, from nature itself, being one of the most sustainable materials on Earth.

On the other hand, we find aluminum, which many companies use to manufacture backdrops for events that last one or two days. We must remember that, to produce one kilo of aluminum, we generate 5 kilos of mineral waste full of heavy metals, these They emit a high amount of sulfur dioxide, fluoramine and tar vapors into the atmosphere that cause, among other things, acid rain. Furthermore, it requires three times more energy to manufacture it than to make steel. Aluminum is obtained from bauxite, which to extract it contaminates surface and underground waters with red mud (a mixture of clay and caustic soda). Aluminum contamination in humans can cause various health complications: poisoning, memory loss and other types of neurological effects.

It is true that a stage background made of aluminum can be reused several times and one made of wood does not have such a long life, but the price we pay, in euros and in negative environmental impact, is unmatched. Wood does not pollute and generates more jobs, for this reason at Saez Decom we are firmly committed to construction with wood in all our elements: backdrops or stage backgrounds, photocalls, stands and signage.

If you want to know more about our work process, what type of materials we use or  simply want to get to know us a little better, do not hesitate to call our offices or fill out the contact form, we will be happy to assist you!